Deen Arts Foundation Student Gallery

Welcome! This gallery is dedicated to featuring the work of students attending courses at the Deen Arts Foundation.

A Word from our Executive Director

Inayet F. Sahin

Assalamu Alaykum.

Welcome to all of our guests, teachers and students.  This gallery is dedicated to showcase the ongoing progress of our students as they learn the Islamic arts with our esteemed teachers.

On behalf of the Deen Arts Foundation, I want to express our joy at seeing all of the beautiful artwork our students have produced. Our work is only possible because of our wonderful teachers and students, and this exhibition is a testimony to all of our teachers’ and students’ hard work.  We ask Allah SWT to bless their efforts with Tawfiq as the teachers continue to guide their student towards their Ijazas. 

Inayet F. Şahin

Executive Director

Deen Arts Foundation

Our Instructor 

Master Calligrapher Haji Noor Deen

Arabic Calligraphy in the Chinese Style

Thuluth and Naskh Scripts in the Ottoman Tradition

Haji Noor Deen Mi Guang Jiang is a renowned Master of Arabic calligraphy. He was born in Yucheng, in the Shandong Province of China in 1963. 

​​In 1997, he became the first individual from China to be awarded the Certificate of Arabic Calligrapher in Egypt, after having studied the calligraphic arts there for over ten years. In 2017, after a period of study in Istanbul with Ottoman calligraphic master Hasan Celebi, Haji Noor Deen was honored with an Ijazah in the Ottoman Arabic Thuluth and Nasikh scripts, again becoming the first-ever Chinese person to do so. The focus of his work is in writing Arabic using a combination of traditional Chinese calligraphic tools and techniques to uniquely fuse the Chinese and Arabic visual arts. 

​​Haji Noor Deen is also responsible for the formal codification of the ancient Arabic writing system in the Chinese tradition. In 2019 for the first time in China, he honored 30 students with an Ijaza in  Arabic Calligraphy in the Chinese style. 

​​His work has been displayed in galleries and museums around the world, including the British Museum, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, the National Museum of Scotland, and the Center for Government and International Studies (CGIS) at Harvard University.  He was also awarded the Dubai Islamic Economy Development Center 2016 Islamic Economy Award in the category of Islamic Arts.

Our Students Studying Arabic Calligraphy in the Chinese Style 

Haji Noor Hoca's students come from all over the world. The Deen Arts Foundation's classes are held on an online platform due the global COVID19  pandemic. Online classes have facilitated and allowed students to learn with ease and safety.  The length of study of each student varies. Some have been studying for 5 years, while others for a few months. This month's feature shows student work from their entire length of study.